Killing Kittens, Evacuating the Bachelor’s Mansion, and Calling the News- All to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It seems like everyday now that you hear another ridiculous story about bed bugs and people not knowing what the hell to do about them, but today I’ll give you 5.

kittens killed because of bed bugsWhat’s really sad and pathetic about all these bed bug stories is the way “people in charge” handled them. Looking at just this alone would be enough to convince most people that we’re all collectively screwed, if these are “the authorities”.

Cats sentenced to death in fear of transmitting bed bugs

In Killeen TX, recently 11 cats found in a dilapidated apartment after a fire forced an evacuation were sent to the animal shelter and put to death immediately when they also found bed bugs in the apartment. The “authorities” admitted that, while not knowing if cats could even carry or transmit bed bugs, they would just off the kittens to be on the safe side, so that the rest of the animal shelter would not be harmed by bed bugs.

They did this after deciding that Permethrin was not safe for cats to treat for bed bugs. Permethrin comes from the pyrethrin family of insecticides derived from the Chrysanthemum which comprise the majority of US household insecticides, and works by disrupting neurons in the bugs. Pyrethrins are also thought to be a potential harm to human infants.

They could have used an all-natural safe, safe and cheap bedbug killer which you can actually apply to the fur and then comb through, but very few people even know of such a thing, and the government is not informing the public that it even exists. So just kill the cats then. What a bunch of morons.

Landlords and building managers say “Bed Bugs? Just Deal With It”

You shouldn’t have to call the 5 o’clock news to get your landlord to acknowledge and remedy a bed bug infestation, but that’s exactly what Robynn Brown of NC did after her landlord told her to just keep living in her newfound bed bug infested furnished college apartment.

What’s sad and pathetic is that the response/wait time for the exterminator was 10 days, until she contacted the local news to investigate. Then the landlord somehow managed to find an exterminator to come make the 1st treatment a few days later. There would be 2 more treatments after, and exterminator treatments for bed bugs can range from $300 – $1500 per treatment.

Meanwhile at the University of Maine, students finding bed bugs in their off-campus residences were told by the building manager that what they were seeing was “carpet beetles”. The public relations firm for “The Reserve” which is the name of the managing company of the college apartments said they were “carpet beetles” as confirmed by pest control, though it did not name the pest control company.

Yet they removed all the furniture, carpets and beds so that the “carpet beetles” would no longer be a problem.

There’s Even Bed Bugs at the Y-M-C-A

Admit it, it’s more fun to sing that line like the Village People. But it’s also true. Along with bed bugs at a Colorado YMCA was also found several hypodermic needles and a paper for a drug prescription in the cabins provided for some local school children on a field trip.

Again the managers told the people who discovered the bed bugs just to continue on as normal and that the cabins would be ready for them soon.

Bed Bugs… at the Bachelor Mansion

Many gold digging females on the popular show “The Bachelor” reported that among food rationing due to the production set going over budget, they also had to contend with bed bugs in the mansion’s rooms. The television show denied all allegations, but the women contestants said staying at the mansion was anything but luxurious.

The women suffered for a chance to win the love of a guy named “Matty J”. Pretty much says it all.