Get to Know “Clean Slate” Author Preeti Rajput

Today, we have an opportunity to talk to author of “Clean Slate”, Preeti Rajput.

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Author: Preeti Rajput
Clean Slate –  Amazon Kindle and Paperback
genre: Fiction/Short Stories

That is great. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what led you to start writing?

I am an IT professional by occupation. My love for traveling, combined with reading, encouraged me to start a blog to share my experiences and travel ideas with a wide audience. I started posting short stories on my blog that garnered a positive response.

Publishing a book has always fascinated me and was on my wish list since childhood. Lockdown due to pandemic gave me ample time to work on the idea of writing a collection of short stories. That’s how my journey as an indie author started.

Do you write full-time or around another job? How do you schedule your time to write?


I don’t and can’t write full time as my professional job takes up most of my hours of the day. For writing a blog, I separate some hours of the week and target to publish at least a post weekly. For fiction and creative writing, I can’t go by a schedule. I do it as and when I feel like writing when a fresh idea appeals to my mind or just for pleasure.


I get inspiration from the people I met during my travels. I keep my ears and eyes open to catch every interesting character or story moving around me. Some of the characters in my story are inspired by living beings and stories are inspired by the bizarre tales I heard. It is never difficult to get an idea for the book. Generally, they are swarming around, you just have to capture the right one.

Please tell us about your current book release.

My current book got released in June 2020. It is a collection of short stories. Title “Clean Slate” refers to afresh beginning. Characters of this collection of stories are stuck in the dilemma of their ordeals looking to start afresh. This collection of fictional stories shows distinct shades of lives and situations.

Some stories are light-hearted like “my tech-savvy father” where a son wants his father to be upgraded with emerging technologies. In “Unfaithful partner” two friends are preparing for their revenge from a single person but with different motives.

“Reincarnation” brings out a hidden face of society. Also, there is a horror story “Haunted house” running in the background of a broken love story.

These stories will open your mind to strange things that could happen.

Book Excerpt:

There is a repercussion to every choice we make. Sometimes Immediate. Sometimes Gradual.

“Clean Slate” offers you a collection of fiery stories, woven with characters in the vortex of their ordeals. Will they come out triumphant? …

A young kid appears in Rosie’s dream recurrently every night. One day the kid confronted her in real life and disclosed the reason for coming in her dreams…

Months of leaving school and several applications, Hari has not been able to secure a job. The constant nagging of his father is becoming unbearable, and he has become helpless on what to do until he receives an email…

Anand, who is simply a college professor, gets insulted by one of his students who decide to take revenge on him for speaking the truth…

After falling from a 9ft building, 8-year-old Urvi survives with only but a minor injury on her forehead. Everyone thinks it’s a miracle, but when the wound is nursed, a mark is revealed. A mark that might change Urvi’s destiny and that of her parents. Neighbours and eyewitnesses are bewildered. What could this mean?…

Seven years ago, Vedant was faced with the dilemma of choosing love over his preferred career path. Did his decision lead him to a happy after ending?…

Come aboard on their interesting journey!!

Who are your favorite authors?

Jeffrey Archer and Haruki Murakami

One more time, where can someone go to purchase your book?

On Amazon, the book can be purchased through this link –Amazon Kindle and Paperback