Blog Shows People the Best Way to Effectively Eradicate Bed Bugs

bed bug bites from hospital bed mattressFor people out there noticing little itchy red bites on their arms, backs and legs after a night’s sleep will want to hear this.

Bed bugs are still a problem, no, they’re not going away anytime soon, and no, your government is not doing anything to help you effectively get rid of bed bugs.

Because of this dire situation, people trying to get rid of bed bugs fast and for good without an expensive exterminator offering chemical pesticides and pricey heat treatments with multiple paid visits are taking matters into their own hands, just like this one bed bug blog which we’re discussing today.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast on Your Own?

I suppose it should come as no surprise to most out there that bed bugs have been showing up in all kinds of odd places, from airplanes to retirement homes and yes- bed bugs are even in hospitals.

Sadly, one little kid woke up recently in a hospital with bed bugs crawling all over her mattress and got bit all over.

non toxic eco friendly bed bug killer to stop the bites

But when it comes to bedbugs in your own home, fortunately, one blogger has successfully shared ways of killing bed bugs without professional pest control by following a few simple steps and using a natural substance that is abundant and cheap throughout the world.

Perhaps it is a little shocking that she’s found one of the best ways to kill bed bugs naturally, cheaply and permanently

It’s Hard to Eliminate Bed Bugs, but Your Bed and Couch Will Thank You

It all starts with snooping out the active bed bug infestation and finding their hiding places, transit routes, and eliminating clutter. This is where most people go wrong already. So while it’s easy to kill bed bugs once you figure out some basic facts, it does take a little manual labor on your part (think of all the money you will save) but it’s going to be well worth it in the long run.

In addition to this necessary search, you’re going to want to wash your clothes and dry them on high heat asap to keep the bed bugs away after inspecting your bed and bed frame (the most common nests for bed bugs), and then apply some type of residual bed bug killer. This is why bed bug sprays are simply not the best because they don’t deal with the problem of bed bug eggs.

Bed Bug Bites are Temporary, but the Solution Lasts Forever (if kept dry)

That’s right- the best and most affordable natural bed bug solution actually lasts forever as long as it’s kept dry. This is why you really have to ask yourself if you want to try every DIY bed bug treatment on the internet or simply skip to the answer and save yourself and your skin time and trouble.

It’s clear that “the authorities” are never going to provide information or make the pesticide market- even the natural one- accessible to the common person suffering a traumatic and stressful battle with cimex lectularius, the scientific name for bed bugs. This is why it’s becoming more important for people to protect their bedrooms, carpet, furniture and the environment with an eco friendly non toxic remedy that even hotels have started using.

Because in the end, it just makes sense/cents.