4 Hair and Skincare Accessories Under $20 to Make Your Summer Look a Breeze

great summer hairstyle ideas and accessories for women

Summer’s almost here which means many ladies out there are going to be going hard in the paint- I’m talking about makeup, makeovers, new styles, fresh trends, and anything that takes their look to the next level.

Today we’re going to be giving you some hair accessories under 20 bucks that are sure to be useful for people out there who want to look their best without all the stress.

Gentle Massaging, Shampoo-Dispensing Shower Hair Brush

best silicone bristled shampoo and body wash lather suds brush for bath

Who doesn’t appreciate a hand-held soft silicon bristled brush that dispenses your favorite shampoo, conditioner or body wash on command? It helps you achieve deep-cleaning action while promoting blood flow and circulation, which leads to follicular resistance, i.e. stronger, fuller hair!

Soft Velcro-Adjustable Headband to Keep Hair in Place During Makeup, Skincare and Style Sessions

Durable multi use hair holding headband for spa and facial use

It’s made of soft, durable material and adjustable for a custom-fit with velcro. Practical yet stylish, it can help you with all the times you need to keep your hair from getting in the way of things or from getting things in your hair that needn’t be.

These products can be found at the following site: https://charmingwares.com/collections/all/hair

Adjustable Bristled Brush for Frizzy, Curly and Heavily Styled Hair

detangling hair brush

There’s no need to punish yourself because your hair breaks mere mortal brushes with its unruly wildness. Instead, why not just make a few fine adjustments at the bristle level itself? This darling little hair brush is soft and comfy but resilient enough to help you detangle without pulling.

Strong Yet Delicate – and Stylish – Butterfly Hair Clips and Barrettes

lovely hair clip barrettes for style fashion

These cute little fairy butterfly hair barrettes provide a careful touch and flare of style without overdoing it. With several different variations including marble, color-gradient, and transparent to pick from, you’ll have lots of options to choose from to match your outfit to your mood.

4 Hair and Skincare Accessories Under $20 to Make Your Summer Look a Breeze

It’s not always about spending a lot of money to get something cute or useful to make your life easier, and we can all appreciate affordable ways to add style accents to our image without a big to-do involved every time.

More Fun and Useful Shower Accessories for Women

The Best New Unique and Affordable Luxury Home Desk Decorations

best decorations for home office or desk

Affordable luxury home and office decor have really made strides in recent years, becoming more unique, accessible and ever-creative in the age of exponential product expansion and availability.

And when it come to exhibiting unique home desk or shelf decorations that offer maximum functionality, affordability and eye-pleasing design, these next items are certainly worthy to be added to the wish list.

Let’s get to it!

USB Powered Mini Cactus Humidifier with LED Light for Home

cactus humidifier with LED light USB poweredGot a thing for the American Southwest? So do we. But unlike a Saguaro in the Arizona desert, this little cactus is a humidifier in disguise. It’s a novel concept, but it works perfectly for your desk, near your computer or on an end-table at home or in the office.

While it’s cute and adorable, humidifiers release water vapor which provide a host of benefits: prevent dryness in hair and skin, reduce snoring, improve breathing for some people, and even decrease influenza. I would offer that it also provides a therapeutic effect just experiencing it and watching the cooled micro-steam rise into the air.

It’s also an essential oil diffuser, which is nice for people who want an aromatic experience. But being USB-powered, the cord is a bit of an eye-sore, though positioned strategically in the corner of your desk or among other items like your keyboard, mouse, monitor and red Swingline stapler, it blends in pretty well.

Here’s where you can pick up this cute cactus humidifier with LED light desk decoration.

LED Himalayan Rock Salt Ionizer Lamp and Desk Mood Light

It looks like the most amazing glass of ice tea you never drank, but it’s actually rocks from the Himalayan mountains in Eastern Asia. With a 7-color LED light, it illuminates the rock crystals, causing natural ions to be released into the air.

LED RGB Himalayan Rock Salt Ionizer Lamp

These ions are known to decrease depression and improve anxiety, just like the ones that are released in nature near the sea shore, at the lake, in the mountains, or at a waterfall.

These negative ions do very positive things, and that’s why you often feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged after a hike out on the trail or a dip in the water at the beach!

You can manually set the color from red, orange, blue, green, yellow, or purple; as a standalone item it seems fancy, and it’s not too expensive either. That definitely makes it one of the best affordable luxury desk decorations of 2021.

Video- Best Desk Accessories, Gadgets, and Decorations of 2021

The Perfect Classic Desk Decoration for the Photography Lover

Are you or someone you know a photography lover? Then this vintage wooden pen and pencil holder will be perfect for that bookcase or home office study that needs sprucin’ up.

vintage wooden pencil holder

Its design lends to the classic style of yesteryear with a rustic wooden aesthetic which pleases the eye and jogs the memory alike. Grab your real camera and snap away at your new ornament for nostalgia, then post it for your followers to admire.

Mid-Century, Industrial Styled Wooden Decorative Lamp

For people missing that one special touch to keep their living rooms eclectic, tube stereo audio equipment from being lonely, or just want a really darn fancy night light that you can adjust with a dimmer knob, then this one might be for you.

Industrial Minimal Style - Home Decoration for Living Room, Study Room, Bedroom - Free Bulb Included

While it’s not hailed as a practical light, it’s getting pretty rave reviews for a wooden decorative light, though it’s admittedly a little pricey and suited for major enthusiasts of the period and style. It also comes with a free Edison incandescent bulb.

Choosing The Best Desk Decorations

With all these great options to choose from, you’ll have your home office or living room beaming with pride and visually enticing vibes in no time.

Just be careful not to over-do it. Too many trinkets and gadgets can clutter up an otherwise distinguished space missing a subtle splash of inspiration. Too many desk decorations may actually present a concentration block or distraction.

From the modern trends of today to the antique vibes of centuries past, these lovely and cute products have it all for even the most hard-to-please gift recipient or interior decorator.

More Great Wooden Collectibles for Your Home

Wanna go bigger in size and a little higher in budget? Check out this vintage wooden pirate treasure chest with skeleton lock and key for around 100 bucks.


Nautical Cove Treasure Chest Wooden Box with Antique Iron Lock and Skeleton Key - Storage and Decor (X-Large 17 x 10 x 7.5)

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic” (Ch. 5)

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide "Pandemic"
Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic”

After spending an extra day and night at one of the beaches where I had met the Germans, I eventually packed up everything and left in a southerly direction.

While my goal for wild camping had been going undetected, one night I heard someone walk near my tent in the wooded area and exclaim “What the fuck?!”. They had apparently not been too bothered, because nothing came of it.

During daylight, however, someone had seen me sitting in my tent from a distance on the road walking by, and they tried to make sure that I knew it. I overheard a guy talking ominously: “Oh, I heard you could get a fine of 300 Euros for that”. All I could think was “Ok dude, how about you get a life”.

After looking at my map, it turned out I had picked a wooded area but it was close enough between two parallel roads that I was not quite as far away from residences as I’d have liked to be. In addition to that, the mice or rats in the area were very displeased with my presence, chirping and barking near my tent with extreme fervor all the night long.

I had learned from visiting a National Park in North Dakota once that prairie dogs, which are very similar to mice, rats, and squirrels, would put themselves in danger to alert the entire community to the presence of a potential threat, even if it mean exposing themselves.

Ok, so I’d have to be a little more careful. No problem, it was still my first week and I wasn’t quite an expert yet.

I had to walk up a long hill that never seemed to want to level off to flat terrain, but after a few kilometers in the hot sun, I was on the other side and getting ready to descend into a town called Bakar. It was a small village at the mouth of a bay with not a whole lot going on. It had a tiny market and a bakery with maybe one or two small restaurants, but that was about it.

I got to the bottom of the hill, down another winding road that seemed to take forever and I walked past a park where there was a young guy in his teens playing basketball by himself. I set my bags down and asked if I could join in. We took turns taking shots and doing moves and I eventually thanked him and left. Then it was off to the market hopefully to buy some food, and I was very hungry.

I walked into the tiny market and noticed not everyone was wearing a mask, which by this time had pretty much become the standard practice all around Europe if you wanted to buy groceries- you must wear the New World Order muzzle of submission if you planned to eat.

I asked the lady if I had to wear the mask, and after everyone was gone, she said it was okay so I took it off. Somehow we got into a conversation on the whole cootie virus itself. She said she didn’t really believe it was a thing, but rather a front for the elites to shut down the economy and reduce the population.

I more or less agreed with her, I didn’t think it was for the stated purpose either, and I thought it had more to do with shutting down the economy to make everyone poor so the banksters could buy up all the real and hard assets for pennies on the dollar once everyone was destitute and bankrupt, then switch everything off the US dollar as the world foreign reserve currency in order to transition to a new digital currency- and thus disguise the true nature of how they had already ruined the monetary system and the economy through fractional reserve banking. And, of course, they definitely wanted to control everyone and institute mandatory vaccines and tracking on their slaves, which is all of us.

I asked the lady how I could get across the way to Bakarica, the next town over. She asked me how I was going, and I said by foot, but I pointed to my heavy load. She said “Oh, ok, so it’ll be easy then”. Does every woman in the world think that hiking with thirty kilograms is easy? They must.

She advised me to walk along the train tracks instead of climbing the hill to get on the highway. I thanked her, then walked outside. I took a seat on a bench at the marina, and ate my wheat bread, cheese, salami (which they call kulen in Croatia), and a can of beans. I know, it’s not exciting, but it did the trick.

Considering that you can’t really refrigerate food and that you also won’t want to be stocking up on several days worth of groceries as it will make your travel by foot that much more difficult, your food choices can present a challenge, I’ve found. What I like to do is look at the ratio of protein to fat on the items I purchase, which is also a basic diet strategy I follow most of the time even when I’m not hiking around and living off-grid.

In my opinion, an ideal protein to fat ratio is 2 to 1 or higher. For instance, when I eat, my goal is to have the amount of protein to be 2 times greater than the amount of fat I eat. This has been one of my dietary secrets that has kept me from getting overweight throughout my life.

In a can of tuna with oil, I can often get 22 grams of protein for every 8 grams of fat, which is nearly 3 to 1 in terms of protein to fat. Cheese and meat are where you have to pay special attention. Lean meats like ham will often have a high protein to fat ratio while salami and pepperoni can be quite fatty and even contain more fat than protein, as will cheese.

But, since you’re going for the overall protein to fat ratio when considering everything you eat, it’s often ok to eat a can of beans which is usually low fat and high protein, wheat bread, some yogurt, and then some meat and cheese- again, so long as you’re eating more protein than fat. Anytime you’re eating more fat than protein, in my view, you’re risking weight gain and likely to feel unsatisfied after meals.

Another thing I do is try to eat 2 or 3 fruits or vegetables a day. This is where you get a lot of your vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Eating a green salad with some yogurt and some cherry tomatoes is a great way to get vitamin C as well as important anti-oxidants. Also, I try to take a basic multi-vitamin every day too in order to fill in the blanks regarding all the things my body needs which I may not be getting enough of on a daily basis through food. It’s worked for me so far.

After eating, I set out along the train tracks behind the train loading station which looked abandoned, and walked for about a mile along the tracks.

I started thinking: maybe I’d just find a place to camp near the train facility, but right when I came around the edge of a building, there was someone sitting in a car. “Ok, definitely won’t be pitching a tent there”, I thought. I kept going and eventually came to a road leading over a fairly steep hill with a few trails going down from the paved road. I figured I’d walk down there and see if any places would work for me to set up camp.

By this point it was starting to get dark and I also heard thunder and saw lightning in the distance. I brushed it off and didn’t think it would be much of an issue. That turned out to be a big mistake.

I had just started to set my things down under a tree canopy on what was probably the best hope for a campsite that night when the rain started. A few drops fell, followed by millions, maybe even billions or trillions, and then the raindrops turned into buckets of water. I started to get drenched as I frantically attempted to cover my rucksack and my backpack with my rain poncho, because I knew that I needed to protect my computer and electronic gear at all costs.

My tent skeleton, or tent cage, was still flat with the poles laying down and the tent cover was laying next to it. The lightning and thunder became incredibly loud and close in proximity, then the wind picked up violently. Everything was getting soaked badly. Then, massive gusts of wind started to pummel the hillside.

I got down on all fours and hugged my rucksack and backpack under the rain poncho. I was laying there face-down on top of my gear, clenching it when the wind burst directly at the hill in such force that I honestly thought it was going to pick my ass up and throw me 15 yards in the air up the hill. At this point, the rain was unrelenting and cold, and the wind was so powerful that I was honestly scared.

To make it all worse, what I realized is that when you’re caught in a torrential downfall, matched with extreme gusts of wind, lightning and thunder directly on top of you, it really messes with your head because not only is it extremely uncomfortable- you have no idea when it’s going to end.

The worst part of it lasted for about two minutes, which felt like an eternity. Finally, the unwelcome tempest let up with the wind first. The rain was still coming down but it had decreased in severity too, and I felt a glimmer of hope. Since the wind had died down enough to not blow the rain cover off of my equipment, I retreated about 20 yards down a trail off to the side to huddle beneath some tree branches. The rain was still hitting me but now, a little less. This lasted for about 30 minutes more, so I took turns disrobing completely and wringing out my clothes, putting them back on, then repeating the process once more just to feel like I wasn’t draped in soggy clothes. Well, there was my free shower/bath for the evening. Once again, nature provides.

About an hour later the rain had stopped completely, so I went back to where my unmade tent was along with my gear to take inventory of everything. My computer was dry so that was good. A lot of the clothes in my bag had managed to remain dry, but some had gotten wet. I wrung out everything the best I could and assembled my tent with just the cage, no canopy, as it was soaking wet so there was really no point.

I walked down the side of the steep hill along a path which took me to some rocks near the sea where I sat and ate some more of the food I had bought at the market earlier. Then, I rolled a spliff and noticed a couple of guys about 60 yards from me in a boat fishing. They smelled me smoking and I heard one of them say to the other “Trav” which means grass. Yep, they knew. But fortunately they didn’t call the water police or anyone on me.

Seems like lots of people in this country were grumpy, since at the previous beach some guy had complained that he wasn’t catching big fish because of people swimming, right after I got out of the water when I had finished swimming and congratulated him on catching a fish.

I finished my spliff and walked back up the hill, slipping and almost losing my footing halfway up on the muddy path, then crawled into my wet tent and laid down for a few hours of sleep. I was still quite close to the road, and paranoia from passing cars, lights, and voices worried me once more that I would be detected, so I didn’t rest well.

Fortunately, I wasn’t detected and I packed up early in the morning at around 7 am and headed into the next town for breakfast.

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide "Pandemic"
Available on Amazon.com in Paperback and Kindle

Blog Shows People the Best Way to Effectively Eradicate Bed Bugs

bed bug bites from hospital bed mattressFor people out there noticing little itchy red bites on their arms, backs and legs after a night’s sleep will want to hear this.

Bed bugs are still a problem, no, they’re not going away anytime soon, and no, your government is not doing anything to help you effectively get rid of bed bugs.

Because of this dire situation, people trying to get rid of bed bugs fast and for good without an expensive exterminator offering chemical pesticides and pricey heat treatments with multiple paid visits are taking matters into their own hands, just like this one bed bug blog which we’re discussing today.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast on Your Own?

I suppose it should come as no surprise to most out there that bed bugs have been showing up in all kinds of odd places, from airplanes to retirement homes and yes- bed bugs are even in hospitals.

Sadly, one little kid woke up recently in a hospital with bed bugs crawling all over her mattress and got bit all over.

non toxic eco friendly bed bug killer to stop the bites

But when it comes to bedbugs in your own home, fortunately, one blogger has successfully shared ways of killing bed bugs without professional pest control by following a few simple steps and using a natural substance that is abundant and cheap throughout the world.

Perhaps it is a little shocking that she’s found one of the best ways to kill bed bugs naturally, cheaply and permanently

It’s Hard to Eliminate Bed Bugs, but Your Bed and Couch Will Thank You

It all starts with snooping out the active bed bug infestation and finding their hiding places, transit routes, and eliminating clutter. This is where most people go wrong already. So while it’s easy to kill bed bugs once you figure out some basic facts, it does take a little manual labor on your part (think of all the money you will save) but it’s going to be well worth it in the long run.

In addition to this necessary search, you’re going to want to wash your clothes and dry them on high heat asap to keep the bed bugs away after inspecting your bed and bed frame (the most common nests for bed bugs), and then apply some type of residual bed bug killer. This is why bed bug sprays are simply not the best because they don’t deal with the problem of bed bug eggs.

Bed Bug Bites are Temporary, but the Solution Lasts Forever (if kept dry)

That’s right- the best and most affordable natural bed bug solution actually lasts forever as long as it’s kept dry. This is why you really have to ask yourself if you want to try every DIY bed bug treatment on the internet or simply skip to the answer and save yourself and your skin time and trouble.

It’s clear that “the authorities” are never going to provide information or make the pesticide market- even the natural one- accessible to the common person suffering a traumatic and stressful battle with cimex lectularius, the scientific name for bed bugs. This is why it’s becoming more important for people to protect their bedrooms, carpet, furniture and the environment with an eco friendly non toxic remedy that even hotels have started using.

Because in the end, it just makes sense/cents.

Bed Bug Infestations Explode at Hospitals

With hospital activity on the rise, it should come as no surprise that the bed bug population is also growing in medical facilities around the US.

The National Pest Management Association reported that in a study on hospitals and nursing homes, the amount of bed bug extermination activity by pest control companies in their facilities increased by 50% and 25% respectively in a single year.

bed bug picture

Fortunately for medical professionals and hospital administrators, bedbug preven

tion at hospitals is easier than a typical residence or home, since hospitals are generally clean and orderly.

Challenges Creating the Bed Bug Problem at Hospitals

why are bed bugs in hospitalsThe biggest challenge in preventing bedbugs from infesting a hospital is the transient and high-traffic nature of medical and emergency care.

Additionally, when paramedics bring in a patient in a life or death scenario, keeping a patient alive takes priority over pest control.

Hospital staff need to be aware of and educated about the possibility of bed bugs: the signs of infestation, potential high risk patients (like those who have difficulty showering), and do regular inspections when changing bed linens.

checking for bed bugs in hospital bed

The University of Connecticut published guidelines on bed bugs in hospitals which advise staff to isolate a potential outbreak and remove it from use, to prevent visitors from entering an infested patient’s room, and to have janitorial workers break down the bed, vacuum, clean and then double bag all remnants of bed bugs or their eggs.

Another challenge is that entomologists have reported that bed bug eggs can be harder to kill than the average spore of bacteria.

Indeed, this is just one more reason why bed bugs are common in hospitals.

Why Bed Bugs in Hospitals Increase the Risk of Infection in Patients

bed bugs in hospitals on the rise

While bed bugs don’t usually provide a cause for concern beyond annoyance a

nd difficulty sleeping, in hospitals there is an increased risk of infection- especially the Staph infection. This happens when people scratch their itchy bites and open the skin, leaving it open to bacterial and viral threats.

This can also be the case with bedbugs in nursing homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly, who often bring old furniture with them which may have bed bugs living in them already.

What Governments Can Do About the Hospital Bed Bug Epidemic

While the government theoretically exists to protect and serve the people of a country, state, city or county, the EPA has made it all but impossible for new natural, organic bed bug pesticides to enter the market.

This has led to a monopoly over very basic natural resources which are safe, abundant and cheap. Many of the existing companies today that specialize in bed bug products are the ones who were licensed before World War 2.

Instead of providing a fast track to entrepreneurs in the online pest control product business, they have created and extended barriers to entry for fresh upstarts who understand the problem- and know how to reach and educate the consumer to solve their bed bug problem at the cheapest and safest level possible.

That’s why the website Defensive End! (https://defensive-end.com) exists, which sells 3rd party organic, all-natural American made products that get rid of bed bugs fast, and for good.

With fast 2 – 3 day shipping and no recurring billing, an EPA certification and a free e-guide that provides easy-to-follow instructions that can help any family or individual eliminate bed bugs in less than a month, often times in a few days.

The Final Word on Bed Bugs in Our Nation’s Hospitals

Like many things, the onus is going to fall on every person out there to research the best solution for a bed bug problem, from single mother to hospital administrator.

While difficulty remains for the average person still remains in hunting down an effective bed bug treatment that doesn’t ring up the standard $300 – 500 dollar expense per home, the cost of not dealing with Cimex Lectularius (the scientific name for bed bugs) can lead to a decreased quality of life or more severe health issues for those undergoing medical treatment in a hospital or living in a nursing home.

Turns out it isn’t just hotels and apartment complexes trying to keep the bed bugs away any more.

More Bedbug News

Restaurant and Hotel Managers Need to Beware of Bed Bugs

get rid of bed bugs right freaking now cover

On top of staffing issues, dealing with suppliers, and answering to corporate, many restaurant and hotel managers are also finding themselves having to overcome a new set of problems in their day-to-day operations- bed bugs

But with all the private parties and constant inflow of seasonal travelers comes a higher risk of a little-known but major problem that managers of restaurants and hotels need to be aware of.

Learn more at the Defensive End! bed bugs blog.

Bed Bugs Can (and Will) Hide Anywhere

Yes, many restaurant GMs are looking at this and scratching their heads right now. Bed bugs? My restaurant doesn’t even have beds!

The problem is, bed bugs don’t care. Most of the time, they’re just looking for a place to stay, which means if you have a restaurant with carpet or seats upholstered in fabrics, you are on their radar for the bed bug version of a bed and breakfast.

And with the expected higher volume of foot traffic into restaurants and hotels, you’re going to have people coming into your hotel or eatery carrying them, usually unknowingly. Hopefully unknowingly, or else that would just be weird.

An Airport in Phoenix, AZ Had to Remove Entire Rows of Seats Infested with Bed Bugs

You may have read the news story from last year where a Phoenix airport was forced to replace giant sections of seating in the waiting areas after bed bugs were discovered hiding in the seams and crevices of chairs and seats.

But it’s not just Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor Airport that’s susceptible to these unwelcome guests. Bed bugs can literally show up in city council meetings, at movie theaters, on airplanes themselves, at schools, and of course, 5-star hotels (and 1-star motels just the same).

No surprise then that bed bugs are also a national emergency level problem in France, as bed bugs exercise their frequent flier miles in an effort not to lose them.

Restaurant Managers Need to Maintain an Emphasis on Cleanliness

One of the top complaints among restauranteurs is that the restaurant is not clean, and has issues with unsanitary conditions. While this is immediately off-putting, it shows that restaurant managers still have to maintain a constant vigilant eye on the details which many who have been in the business for decades would view as mundane or beneath them.

Remember, all it takes is one guest getting bit and looking down at their seat, seeing little creepy crawly bed bugs running around after they themselves enjoyed a meal at the expense of one of your patrons, and then leaving a 1-star Yelp review that turns your restaurant into a haunted house.

So even if you have to roll up your sleeves and check seating sections yourself, or send lazy servers home and give the lesser servers a chance at greater responsibility and larger sections, then you must do what needs be done to ensure that your restaurant does not become the next thing on the menu for bed bugs.

Is the CPAP Everything That It’s Cracked Up to Be?

is cpap necessary safe effective and affordableSleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects many people. It is a condition when breathing is interrupted while sleeping, which results in the body not receiving enough oxygen. The main cause for sleep apnea is when the airways get blocked due to the soft tissue in the oral cavity and the throat’s soft tissue causing restricted passage for air.

The brain senses the drop in oxygen and causes a forced awakening resulting in sleep deprivation. There have been several therapies to alleviate the effects of sleep apnea, including Continuous Positive-Airway Pressure (CPAP) and is considered to be the leading treatment with the introduction of the CPAP Machine. However, there are numerous questions asked about the efficacy of the machine and whether it is necessary to invest in one.

Is CPAP Safe for Sleep Apnea?

There are no doubts that CPAP is a safe and effective treatment for sleep apnea. However, there are numerous risks when wearing bulky masks and prongs entering your nose every night.

There have been reports of severe nasal congestion, severe skin discomfort, and a risk of infections amongst others. Fortunately, there are no severe, significant side effects in using one, therefore, making it safe for use. However, without regular cleaning and sanitizing, a CPAP could actually make you sick.

Affordability and Cost of the CPAP

The typical cost of a CPAP machine can set you back approximately $1000 for basic kits up to $4000 for a complete kit. This treatment is used at home and without the requirement of a professional to operate it every time.

It is relatively easy to use once the manual has been read, spending no money for someone to operate it. It isn’t the most expensive treatment, however, it also isn’t the cheapest.

Is CPAP Even Necessary for Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

While CPAP machines do work for most people, it isn’t the only method of preventing sleep apnea. Alternative treatments are available such as breathing training, weight loss, and snoring mouthpieces like the ones on this site: http://copeministries.org/the-effectiveness-of-mouthpieces-versus-cpap-and-bipap-in-the-treatment-of-snoring/.

One of the leading causes of sleep apnea is being overweight, which can be treated with a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet and exercise. There are also a variety of proven breath training activities that can help you in an event of sleep apnea. Depending on the severity of your sleep apnea, whether you are just a heavy snorer then this machine is not for you.

Most Americans are overweight, and a significant percentage are even technically obese. Taking care to address the weight issue is the most overlooked and neglected aspect of sleep apnea, as many people would simply rather have their doctors write them a prescription for a pill or solution that requires as little effort on their parts as possible, but this is definitely not going to do people any favors.

Some doctors even say that if people just lost 10% of their current body weight, not only would they rid themselves of sleep apnea, but they’d also dramatically decrease their risk of heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, and many other health problems.

Conclusion on Sleep Apnea

It has been proven to help with sleep apnea however there are high-cost elements associated with buying one. However, CPAP isn’t the only option by any means and consider exploring cheaper methods first before purchasing one. In the end, it is up to the user and the advice of a doctor, whether they would want to invest in a CPAP machine and if it is worth it.

Zz Snore Spray and Asonor Reviews: Temporary Fix to Stop Snoring, Torturing Animals in Labs

Zz Snore Spray Reviews

A popular stop snoring spray which recently entered the US market has been discovered to do product testing on drugged greyhound dogs, according to their white paper on their website. Zz Snore Spray, also known as Asonor in Europe where it originates, is a saltwater based solution that purports to helping snoring and sleep apnea sufferers to reduce or eliminate snoring at night and get a better night’s sleep.

zz snore spray reviewsThe real question is, how can anyone sleep soundly knowing that Asonor uses anasthetized greyhound dogs in experiments where they force the dogs’ noses shut and then spray their throats and mouths with Asonor and Zz Snore Spray?

Animal Testing by Major Companies in 2018 like Asonor

It’s hard to believe that in the modern, enlightened Western world our companies are still torturing animals and mistreating them either at home or in China, where they often outsource their animal experiments. A large irony for Zz Snore and Asonor is that their product is essentially pharmaceutical grade table salt (NACL) added to water with a few preservatives and emulsifiers- standard ingredients for a product of this type.

And yet, they feel the need to take greyhound dogs, which were likely mistreated before they ended up on the animal testing circuit, to finish their last days on the Earth under the care of unsympathetic lab researchers who often have no fondness, love or affection for their test subjects.

Get a Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Instead

People should do some pondering whether or not they want to support companies that mistreat animals and drug them for cruel and unusual treatment, without the greyhounds themselves having any conscious say in the matter. If this kind of topic is funny to you, then you might want to check and see if you have a soul, or if you ever had one.

Snoring and sleep apnea is indeed a very serious issue for humans, affecting 10’s of millions of people in the United States alone. However, aside from the fact one could reasonably not expect to spray their throat and soft palette with saltwater every night for the rest of their lives using Zz Snore Spray without some type of side effects. Anyone who’s ever worked with condensers on US Navy ships that process cold seawater to cool the steam from the ship’s engine knows the kind of long-term effects of being exposed to salt water. Now imagine that your throat, nose and sinus cavities don’t have the luxury of being made out of steel like ship components.

People can try any number of other solutions to relieve snoring symptoms and get a better night’s rest, from obtaining an OTC Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece or just going all-in on the CPAP. Either way, you won’t have to have animal testing on your conscience.

Final Word on Asonor/Zz Snore Spray

There is simply no need to test this product on animals, they could have easily found humans to volunteer for this project. Instead, they forced a bunch of poor dogs against their will to be test subjects: drugged, noses clamped shut, and kept in cages when not being prodded, abused and denied basic respect and affection.

Additionally, spraying salt water up your nose every night for the rest of your life is by no means a permanent fix for a long-term snoring or sleep apnea problem.

For these reasons we give Asonor and Zz Snore Spray a grade of F-.

From Nurseries to Nursing Homes, Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself is Becoming a Must

bed bugs in nursing homesFar from the actual Garden of Eden from the Bible, North Miami nursing home Eden Gardens resembles no paradise. Recently all inhabitants of this elderly care facility were evacuated- some residents given only 20 minutes to pack- as they were escorted off a scene with a terrible, massive rodent and bed bug infestation.

Bed Bugs infest Nursing Home

The living conditions were so bad, that the government health care agencies of the state immediately sought to revoke the facility’s license to operate. It turns out, the owner is already in federal prison awaiting trial for a billion dollar Medicare scam, through which he used Eden Gardens as a piece of his own nefarious criminal puzzle.

Looks like bed bugs were just the tip of the parasitic iceberg in Eden Gardens nursing home. Bed bugs were recently pinned as the culprit for one man’s iron deficiency from constantly being bitten on a daily basis. Doctors said that his body could not keep up with the demand for blood production from both the bed bugs and his own body.

Bed Bugs infest family resort

Meanwhile in Pontins resort in the UK, a 16 month old infant was riddled with bed bug bites after her family checked in for a weekend holiday. The family found used linens on the beds, and when they woke up noticed a substantial number of bedbug bites. The resort has still not commented.

Canada town spends over 1 million on bed bug problem

In Hamilton, Ontario, the government is actually spending over 1 million Canadian dollars to attempt to bring awareness to and end the local bed bug problem. An integrated pest control strategy is being implemented city-wide with various residences and homes in the area. Using natural solutions like steam cleaning, heat treatments and diatomaceous earth or DE! found here https://www.defensive-end.com/ can often provide meaningful, lasting results to get rid of bed bugs yourself, for good.

On top of population centers where people go to sleep at night, airlines and airplanes are also getting their fair share of bed bugs. Many people are getting on planes and getting off and noticing they have 10 or 20 red bites up and down their arms and legs.

When this happens oftentimes airlines will pull out all tapestries and cushions from the aircraft cabin. Cleaning an aircraft is not likely to end a serious bed bug problem.

Killing Kittens, Evacuating the Bachelor’s Mansion, and Calling the News- All to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It seems like everyday now that you hear another ridiculous story about bed bugs and people not knowing what the hell to do about them, but today I’ll give you 5.

kittens killed because of bed bugsWhat’s really sad and pathetic about all these bed bug stories is the way “people in charge” handled them. Looking at just this alone would be enough to convince most people that we’re all collectively screwed, if these are “the authorities”.

Cats sentenced to death in fear of transmitting bed bugs

In Killeen TX, recently 11 cats found in a dilapidated apartment after a fire forced an evacuation were sent to the animal shelter and put to death immediately when they also found bed bugs in the apartment. The “authorities” admitted that, while not knowing if cats could even carry or transmit bed bugs, they would just off the kittens to be on the safe side, so that the rest of the animal shelter would not be harmed by bed bugs.

They did this after deciding that Permethrin was not safe for cats to treat for bed bugs. Permethrin comes from the pyrethrin family of insecticides derived from the Chrysanthemum which comprise the majority of US household insecticides, and works by disrupting neurons in the bugs. Pyrethrins are also thought to be a potential harm to human infants.

They could have used an all-natural safe, safe and cheap bedbug killer which you can actually apply to the fur and then comb through, but very few people even know of such a thing, and the government is not informing the public that it even exists. So just kill the cats then. What a bunch of morons.

Landlords and building managers say “Bed Bugs? Just Deal With It”

You shouldn’t have to call the 5 o’clock news to get your landlord to acknowledge and remedy a bed bug infestation, but that’s exactly what Robynn Brown of NC did after her landlord told her to just keep living in her newfound bed bug infested furnished college apartment.

What’s sad and pathetic is that the response/wait time for the exterminator was 10 days, until she contacted the local news to investigate. Then the landlord somehow managed to find an exterminator to come make the 1st treatment a few days later. There would be 2 more treatments after, and exterminator treatments for bed bugs can range from $300 – $1500 per treatment.

Meanwhile at the University of Maine, students finding bed bugs in their off-campus residences were told by the building manager that what they were seeing was “carpet beetles”. The public relations firm for “The Reserve” which is the name of the managing company of the college apartments said they were “carpet beetles” as confirmed by pest control, though it did not name the pest control company.

Yet they removed all the furniture, carpets and beds so that the “carpet beetles” would no longer be a problem.

There’s Even Bed Bugs at the Y-M-C-A

Admit it, it’s more fun to sing that line like the Village People. But it’s also true. Along with bed bugs at a Colorado YMCA was also found several hypodermic needles and a paper for a drug prescription in the cabins provided for some local school children on a field trip.

Again the managers told the people who discovered the bed bugs just to continue on as normal and that the cabins would be ready for them soon.

Bed Bugs… at the Bachelor Mansion

Many gold digging females on the popular show “The Bachelor” reported that among food rationing due to the production set going over budget, they also had to contend with bed bugs in the mansion’s rooms. The television show denied all allegations, but the women contestants said staying at the mansion was anything but luxurious.

The women suffered for a chance to win the love of a guy named “Matty J”. Pretty much says it all.